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Malls, Shopping and Saving the World






IMG_8604It’s a long story. Or not really. Maybe it is just a short one that’s been going on for months. But months ago, a friend asked if I’d like to join her at the ARIA Author Expo in December. In April, that sounded fun. And good for business. Then my friend got an offer not to be refused and told me she couldn’t do it. I had the option of opting out. I opted out but the guy running this ARIA event is convincing. So I stayed in.

IMG_2900Three or four other opportunities have come up in the past months for me to opt out. Each time, I have opted out, only to be convinced by friends or fellow writers that, really, I should do this. It’ll be great, right? Meeting people. In a mall. During holiday season. Maybe selling a book.

Being at a six foot long table, all by myself, while people wander past, smiling brightly, trying not to look self-conscious, resisting the attempt to run as far away as possible. But I can’t. Because I am to stay there until 5. It will be dark then. I have a one hour and forty minute drive back to Jaffrey. I don’t like to drive. Especially at night.


So this is going out to all my connections. If, by happenstance, you are out and about and near the Lincoln Mall in Rhode Island, please do stop by. I’d love to see you. But, if you are like me and don’t like malls. Or shopping. Or crowds. Please go to a small local, independent bookstore and buy a book to give someone for the holidays. Supporting local bookstores is cool. Books are cool. You will be really cool buying a book a an independent bookstore. And then drop me a line or a facebook message telling me you did that. Because then, as I sit at the mall, I can have something to do, like read my email. And the Scrooge in me will be happy to think that a small business, rather than a chain store, will have been supported. Because it’s not bigger is better but local and small that is the future. And that, my friends, is doable.

And so is getting myself to the mall Saturday morning. Right? I can do this! Wahoo!



Chicken Blog? I do protest!

Do you see the difference between our two “girls”?

Truth be told, some of my friends consider this a chicken blog. That’s humbling.

Actually, it is humiliating but I’m trying to be positive here. Time and again, I have attempted not to write about chickens but, if you don’t know by now, chickens are my form of denial. And maybe a little bit my muse but look deeper and you will see the lies I tell myself.

P1040560Big Red? He is my excuse for having moved up here, against all logic, in the middle of winter. And for staying. IMG_2610_2The hens? Their fresh eggs are a justification for the insanity of saying that we are staying here for a Rhode Island Red cock, for which the euphemism is rooster, a rooster named Big Red.


And fresh eggs. Some of them obscenely large. We are here with our chickens for their fresh eggs. Happy eggs. Necessary to my peace of mind. A fact validated by the movie we saw on Friday night. Pricele$$. Put on by the NHRebellion Continue reading Chicken Blog? I do protest!

Cheeks, NH Rebels, and Writing

Image 5
NOTE: I will be reading at Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT a week from today: Wednesday, July 23. It’s a luncheon. 12-1:30. If you want lunch, you can call the bookstore to make reservations. Later that day, at 5PM, Carl and I will be at the Westerly Beach where Carl will be playing with NRBQ. If you can’t make it to the bookstore, I’ll be happy to sign books on the beach!


And then we climbed Mount Monadnock!

Happy sigh.

Until I remember that I have missed two postings.

How dare I be so neglectful of my reading public? Clearly, the goals and intentions that I wrote about in my last post have fallen by the wayside before they had become a habit, which takes anywhere from 66 days to 500 plus days to develop.

I have been writing for
over thirty years. That is habit.

But it is only this year that I can finally call myself an author a.k.a. published. Thus, I don’t think I can be accused of writing for fame or fortune. That’s not my goal. But I have to admit, two months into the process of having a book out, I’m needing to think through why I published because I’m feeling kind of sad. I wasn’t expecting thousands of my books to be sold. But I had hoped for more readings and interaction. Connections not via the web.

There really is a raft/wood pallet in those weeds. . .

Apparently, that’s where people go now. Continue reading Cheeks, NH Rebels, and Writing

Breadloaf Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference!




Nick & Nora?





They can hardly contain themselves.







Home at Darwin’s View

I am back!


Robert Frost's Cabin
Robert Frost’s Cabin

From a soul wrenching, I-will-never-be-the-same experience in Ripton, VT. I attended the Breadloaf Orion Environmental Writers’ conference. Thirty-six hours after my return to Darwin’s View, I am still processing all I learned. It’s one of those experiences that, Continue reading Breadloaf Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference!

My Writing Process:

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June 18th at 1PM: Interview of me by Lesley Nase of the radio show “Books, Yarns and Tales” WBTN, 1370 AM, Bennington, VT. (This will be prerecorded.)

June 25 at 6 PM Symposium Bookstore in E. Greenwich Plaza (near Dave’s), RI. (1000 Division Street.) Bring friends and family!

July 5 at 8AM Join Carl and me as we join Lawrence Lessig’s NH Rebellion.



More to come!




I spent this morning gamely trying to avoid writing and succeeded to such an extent that I had been in my office for over three hours and not an idea of worth written. And then I realized Today is Post Day!



Rurow. What to write about? Continue reading My Writing Process: