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Biodynamics: My Introduction

Ping! With a Redhead in the background

It’s humbling. I am at the bottom of yet another steep learning curve . . . not (as suggested in my last post) of Ayn Rand’s philosophy—I haven’t had time to stop by a book store to check out her works—but that of Biodynamic planting. BD.
IMG_2612This is the time of year I attempt to join that illustrious community called “real gardeners”. I have pulled out my seeding paraphernalia and contemplated my what-some-day-might-pass-as-a-garden with a tickle in the belly. A hope for warmth to follow winter’s cold. Anticipation of that peaceful and amazing process called growing one’s own seedlings: placing a seed into soil and having it grow big and strong, not straggly, eventually to produce a vegetable, fruit, leaf or root. Typically, on an arbitrarily chosen day and time, I don my gardening gloves and proceed to stick seeds into the soil. I begin calmly and in organized fashion. Time passes. I don’t have enough wood sticks to mark what has gone where. Confusion sets in. The gloves come off. I am only half way through the seed packets and Continue reading Biodynamics: My Introduction