Pipelines, Book Tour and Twits. I mean Tweets.

View of Darwin’s View from the top of Mt. Monadnock. Can you see us?

You will be happy to know that I deleted a two page rant on Spectra Energy. If you want to know what set me off, go to EcoRI.org and read “Little Notice and Low Turnout at Pipeline Meeting” by Tim Faulkner/ecoRI News staff.

The low down? If we don’t get more informed and outraged, in about two years, Spectra Energy will most likely get the okay to put a gas pipeline from Weymouth, MA., through Burrillville, RI all the way to New Jersey.  It will run through Tiverton and Little Compton. And under the Sakonnet River to Middletown. . ..

But don’t get me started. EcoRI.org. Excellent website. “Little Notice and Low Turnout at Pipeline Meeting” by Tim Faulkner/ecoRI News staff.

imagesSpeaking of trains–which I wasn’t but let’s go with trains of thought and then real trains, which have replaced my chicken obsession–my Cross-Country Whistle Stop Book Tour with Flash Readings is planned! And I finished the first (aka sh**ty) rough draft of my next book–Darwin’s View One Breath After Midnight. TOOT! TOOT!

Do you see how they tie together?

Let’s start with the Flash Readings.

There are eighteen chapters in my novel Bittersweet Manor. On this tour, I will read the first paragraph of each chapter outside of eighteen Independent Bookstores across the U.S. of A. (Time and places will be on my new website, and my next post, and — if you are signed up for my newsletter, in my next newsletter.) My plea? If you are interested in my book–or any book–please order it from your local, independent bookstore.

My goal? To save the independent bookstore, of course! And then the world. Because independent bookstores signify in our society. They are a means, not just to buy a book, but to touch and browse through a book. To bump into people and chat. To learn from the bookstore staff about what other books are out there. This is not a virtual web but a real one. Personal interaction. Education. A place to hide from the rain, or just to spend some time. And those people who think they are saving money, gaming the system by using the bookstore as a resource but then buying the book/s for cheap on line? They are the duped ones. It’s like National Public Radio. Yes, we can get away with it but, in the long term, the cost is much greater. If we lose these bookstores, we will be left with far fewer choices. Far less potential for interaction. And yet another boarded up store front.

Does it matter? Do we care? Just like the pipeline, if we don’t do something, it’s over.

Simple actions.

I do care. That’s why I am taking three weeks of my life and spending it away from where I want to be: home. That’s why I am taking a train across the country, and not a car or a plane. I am promoting my novel, Bittersweet Manor, and using that promotion to do my small part to save the independent bookstore, all with the larger goal of saving the world. To save the world, I have to create a platform and a following for my next book Darwin’s View One Breath After Midnight which is about Carl’s and my life off-grid in New Hampshire and my war on climate change.

What hubris, thinking I can save the world!? Maybe but it’s better than destroying it, which some people seem to have made their life’s goal.

And if I thought I was going to do it alone, I’d agree. And that brings me to my concluding point, which is a hard one to admit, given I am a control freak: I can’t save the world alone. So I am asking for your help. Please.

*Spread the word about my book because if Bittersweet Manor doesn’t sell or get reviewed–please if you read and liked it, review it at GoodReads and/or Amazon!), no publisher will consider me worth the risk and publish my next book.

*Follow me on facebook or twitter or my website on this trip across the country and back again. Carl and I are going to have fun and we hope you’ll join us and bring your friends along to one of our flash readings; or Whistle Stop; or a Whet the Whistle Stop. Or virtually by with Twitter, Facebook. You can view the videos on YouTube.

*Try to walk, not drive. Take a day off from eating factory farmed meat and/or make it a point to spend (less not more) on (it seems more expensive but it isn’t) happy meat. (Factory farms are one of the major contributors to global climate change.) And go to a local bookstore, meet people, interact.

I’m back! I’ll be posting regularly and at my upcoming NEW website. Where you can find my Flash Reading Schedule and the rest of our Whistle Stop Tour schedule.

I should note: I have yet to learn how to tweet. I have always and still do consider it stalking and/or a time suck. But for the world, I will learn how.  My twitter name is @torymccagg.

Tweet Tweet.

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