Da Week

TWELVE HUNDRED MILES. That is how many miles Carl and I drove last week. Over the top travel and my soul is wandering, somewhere up in Burlington,Vermont, wending its way to NYC.Image 1

“I am at Darwin’s View,” I shout. But on it trudges, uncertain (rightly) if it’s going in the right direction because I will be in NYC next week and last but right now? I am sitting in my office. Waiting for my soul. Debating what to write. How to settle. I take deep breathes and watch the seedlings . . ..




This is a comparison, to show the difference between seedlings by someone who knows what they are doing when seedingP1040435






and someone (me) who doesn’t.



Or does but has more of a laissez faire attitude. A toss the seeds into soil and leave for two weeks modus operandi. A survival of the fittest, dare-ya -to-survive approach.

Kind of like this book publishing business. Needless to say–or need I?–if I had self-published, the book wouldn’t be in print today. I’m not organized enough. I lack a certain je ne sais quoi. I require an outside (and professional) source to give me that push to move things along. Thus, I will be forever grateful that She Writes Press came into existence and took
me on. Serendipity at its best. She Writes Press not only accepted my book and put it on Track One–ready to go!–but they held my hand through the production process. Cover design. Book layout. Copy editing. Lots of opportunities to review the galleys to verify there was nothing more I wanted to change. They gave me a deadline so I had to respond. I wouldn’t have known, and perhaps still don’t, all that had to go into the publication process. With the added benefit that they listened to my worries about the dedication decision. (See my earlier post “Did That Really Happen: The Nebulous Line Between Fact and Fiction”.)

And then there’s the distribution. She Writes Press has national distribution through IPS (Ingram Publisher Services) Apparently, there are salespeople out there promoting Bittersweet Manor. I have no clue about their success rate; that will come out with my first royalty check sometime in July. But I do know this: the people I know who have read the book? They remark either on the beauty of the writing!! or how they loved it. A few, how painful it was to read. (It is named Bittersweet Manor for a reason.)

Yes. People have used the word “love” when they tell me they’ve read it. As in “I loved it”. “Looooove it.” How wonderful is that? It is already an honor to have someone take the time to read the book. For them to love it? Wow.

Thank goodness for friends and family. The launch in Providence had fifty plus of them and the reading in Burlington had eight. In both cases, I would have been very lonely if left to only arbitrary visitors to bookstores. And this weekend in Peterborough? I’ve no idea what the turn out will be. I only know there is a turkey wandering the field outside my office all by herself. She was here yesterday, too.  I think she is lonely. I wonder if she and Big Red might become friends. Or is she’s just the loner type.

Like Ping, the aptly named Escapee:

Image 2


Or Cheeks, both of whom have risked Big Red’s ire by flying the coop. They’re prowling while he, too big to fly, makes all his wondrous sounds, while stuck behind the electric fence. So to calm the kerfuffle, it’s time to stick seedlings, such as they are, into the ground, and free the other chickens so they, too, might cluck about.

Image 3

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