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IMG_4328It’s been too long. Like Nick, I’ve been in a box called Writer’s Block. But I just finished draft 5 of my next book, and now have time to restart my blog . . .  with this message, a tag on to my war against Anthropogenic Climate Disruption, previously referred to as Climate Change and Global Warming, all of which are currently present in this Primary Season.

No, not our ducks. But someday. . . ?

Have you heard the joke about the guy who wanted to win the lottery? Every week, he’d pray to win. Not only that, but he explained to his god why he should win. It was not just for himself, after all, that he wanted the money. No! After he paid off his mortgage and paid off his kids’ college loan debts, he planned to start a life of philanthropy. He’d give away all the money he won so that others could have education, food and shelter, fresh water.

He prayed so hard. Purely. Selflessly. Weeks and months went by. He could hardly believe how fervently a person could pray and yet not get what he hoped for. Finally, he said as much to God. He said, “God, why won’t you let me win?”

A tremendous BANG! Flashes of lightening. And God’s fiery voice.

“I’d let you win but you have to buy a damned lottery ticket!”

A winning lottery is remarkably like voting. If you don’t buy the lottery ticket, or vote, the likelihood of things working out the way you hope is nonexistent. You’re leaving it to everyone else to take up the flag, to remember all the women, the blacks, the principled who suffered and fought for the right to vote in this country. They knew what life was like without that right. In fact, they knew it was worth dying for.

Republicans and the Righteous Right know this joke. They know that, in fact, their vote matters because when people vote, things can change. For the better or worse, depending on your beliefs. Thus they come out in droves, even through rain and snow, to exercise their right to vote.

Democrats seem to think like the guy in the joke. They think that good things will just happen. Things will work out.

Or why bother. My vote doesn’t signify.


I would suggest that if you think your vote doesn’t matter, you might try to make it matter. If you think the elections are rigged, get out and protest and/or call your representatives. And if you think it’s too late? Almost, but not quite.

This election has the potential to be a debacle (Drumpf), more of the same (Clinton) or a triumph (Sanders). I believe it will usher in the end of democracy—and thereby the world as we know it—or a new beginning.

IF we vote in the primaries. IF we vote in our Local and National elections. IF even after the elections, we stay involved at a local level and begin to pay attention and support the change we have voted for. Only then do we have a hope for a better, fairer world, and a chance against Anthropogenic Climate Disruption.

In short, Democrats, you have a choice: get out and vote. Or stay home, eat bonbons, and pray.

And if you want to hear why I support Sanders, not Hillary, drop me a line. I’m happy to discuss it.


Pipelines, Book Tour and Twits. I mean Tweets.

View of Darwin’s View from the top of Mt. Monadnock. Can you see us?

You will be happy to know that I deleted a two page rant on Spectra Energy. If you want to know what set me off, go to and read “Little Notice and Low Turnout at Pipeline Meeting” by Tim Faulkner/ecoRI News staff.

The low down? If we don’t get more informed and outraged, in about two years, Spectra Energy will most likely get the okay to put a gas pipeline from Weymouth, MA., through Burrillville, RI all the way to New Jersey.  It will run through Tiverton and Little Compton. And under the Sakonnet River to Middletown. . ..

But don’t get me started. Excellent website. “Little Notice and Low Turnout at Pipeline Meeting” by Tim Faulkner/ecoRI News staff.

imagesSpeaking of trains–which I wasn’t but let’s go with trains of thought and then real trains, which have replaced my chicken obsession–my Cross-Country Whistle Stop Book Tour with Flash Readings is planned! And I finished the first (aka sh**ty) rough draft of my next book–Darwin’s View One Breath After Midnight. TOOT! TOOT!

Do you see how they tie together?

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Cheeks, NH Rebels, and Writing

Image 5
NOTE: I will be reading at Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT a week from today: Wednesday, July 23. It’s a luncheon. 12-1:30. If you want lunch, you can call the bookstore to make reservations. Later that day, at 5PM, Carl and I will be at the Westerly Beach where Carl will be playing with NRBQ. If you can’t make it to the bookstore, I’ll be happy to sign books on the beach!


And then we climbed Mount Monadnock!

Happy sigh.

Until I remember that I have missed two postings.

How dare I be so neglectful of my reading public? Clearly, the goals and intentions that I wrote about in my last post have fallen by the wayside before they had become a habit, which takes anywhere from 66 days to 500 plus days to develop.

I have been writing for
over thirty years. That is habit.

But it is only this year that I can finally call myself an author a.k.a. published. Thus, I don’t think I can be accused of writing for fame or fortune. That’s not my goal. But I have to admit, two months into the process of having a book out, I’m needing to think through why I published because I’m feeling kind of sad. I wasn’t expecting thousands of my books to be sold. But I had hoped for more readings and interaction. Connections not via the web.

There really is a raft/wood pallet in those weeds. . .

Apparently, that’s where people go now. Continue reading Cheeks, NH Rebels, and Writing