5th Flash Reading: Politics and Prose!

I got a bit chatty on this one.  2 minutes and 58 seconds. Too long to be backed up by Jimmy Nelson’s “Sat ‘n Cried” in which he sings “2 minutes and 38 seconds is all I need to tell  you people of my misery”.

I would change those lyrics to “2 minutes and 58 seconds is all I need to tell you people of how important independent bookstores are to community and true connection. Buy a book (maybe Bittersweet Manor!?) at an independent bookstore!

Do you see? Chatty.

We just got off the train in Chicago after 20 hours (2 hours and 51 minutes late. Is there a theme going on here?) No wi fi. This is a sobering truth. Tomorrow when we get on the train, we will be in for 50 plus hours of no wi fi. Possibly no phone connection.  Hm.

Here’s the 5th flash!


One thought on “5th Flash Reading: Politics and Prose!

  1. Carl!! Move your thumb!!!! Just kidding Love seeing Tory and YOU in DC!!! HUGS
    ( W Tim and Alissa Viewing Flash readings!!!)

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