17th Flash: Edmonds Bookshop!

Sigh. Our last flash of the tour. Tomorrow we clamber aboard Amtrak for a 52 hour train ride to Chicago where we hope to arrive on time to have dinner with a friend, and then jump the Lakeshore Limited at 9:20pm to arrive the next evening in NEW YORK CITY! Where we will overnight and then drive back up to Darwin’s View. And there, breaking all the rules, we will read the final first paragraph of my novel NOT at a bookstore but at HOME! That’ll be Sunday about 4:30pm WaHOO!!

And there is a reason for that rule breakage. The book Bittersweet Manor is about home. Forever homes. And so is my next book. So I thought it would be a good transition. To end this book tour by starting the next. Or something like that.

Meantime, heeeeeeeeeeerrrrre’s not Johnny but the 17th Flash at Edmonds Bookshop!

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